About Us

Yogoer (n): Yoga goer. One who actually goes to yoga. (Your aid to getting there.)

Why Yogoer?

Running Late

You worked late and missed your class. The next one's not for ninety minutes. There's another lesson waiting to be found. We provide the map.

You might need space, or a change of pace. We bring all your options together. Go to class!

Who are we?

Web geeks and yoga junkies, working hard to make "healthy" easier. We like bikes and boulders, airports and amps. Green food, clean energy, and light hearts. We love New York City because there are so many amazing yoga teachers here. We love yoga because it keeps us sane.

We are a small team based in Brooklyn and Tribeca. Founder Erica Heinz shows her face on the Huffington Post.

There are a lot of cool links to follow in the footer, if you're wondering about us on a more moment-to-moment basis.

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