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The vision of the Movement Salon is to enable people to move through life feeling comfort and balance in their whole body. In a sense, the founder's intention is to help people feel less body pain, ranging from discomfort in the lower back or knee, to feeling a lack of grace in movement, to a sensing of lack of empowerment.

The Movement Salon is a place where people help each other, play, and explore curiosities. The atmosphere is insightful. Teachers and clients are colleagues who guide each other to develop dexterity, power, and grace and define homeostasis ("balance"). Prices are moderate and we work with teachers and guides who are like-minded to keep sessions and classes affordable.

You will be amazed at what potential we all have to do amazing things. It is easy, not simple. What is worthwhile finding in guided movement hails from contemplation and meditation (awareness) so that the movements and creation of space in the physical body resonate into daily life through direct experience.

Sal Anthony's Movement Salon

190 3rd Ave

Manhattan, NY 10003

  • (212) 420-7242

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First week $25
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Community Classes Sunday at 6 PM

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