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Students who experience a Sankalpah yoga class can expect vibrant vinyasa flow classes. The asanas are threaded together in order to build heat, to purify and restore the body, and transcend previous physical limitations. Through repeatedly working the same area throughout the class we enable our students to have the deep experience they are searching for freeing them from years of physical immobility, blocked energy, and trapped emotions. The practice will always start with a gentle warm-up coaxing the students' bodies to open to the possibilities. The sun salutations will generate heat flowing throughout the body and allow the students to fall into the rhythm of their breath. The asana work will be intense and always meet the individual student at their edge. The classes will end with a guided meditation and pranayama practice. Through uniting the breath, body and mind the student will find a greater sense of peace and well being bringing them one step closer to living in freedom.

Sankalpah Yoga

254 Fifth Ave

Manhattan, NY 10001

  • (212) 532-2033

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