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Bend & Bloom is a community yoga studio for all ages and stages located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

We aim to provide a comfortable, welcoming home base for people to cultivate a yoga practice for healthy bodies, minds, and souls. Our approach to yoga is to ground our practice in the realities of our busy New York City lives. By taking time to chill and practice some yoga with our neighbors we hope to carry the benefits of calmer minds and healthy bodies back to our homes, offices, and the world.

Our adult Bend & Bloom flow classes are breath inspired journeys that blend peaceful meditations; energetic, flowing sequences; and rejuvenating postures. In addition to building mindfulness and physical strength, our classes challenge you to negotiate the balance between effort and ease, strength and grace, hard work and indulgent joy.

Our kids program inspires kids toward a lifelong love of yoga and good health. Each class takes your child on an imaginative yoga adventure to build strength, confidence, and cooperation, and, most importantly, to have fun!

Bend & Bloom Yoga

708 Sackett St

Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • (347) 987-3162

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