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In Sanskrit, the ancient language of Yoga, Anya means inexhaustibleness. In Russian, it means "grace" or "goodness." And in the Igbo language of Nigeria, Anya means "eye."

While ANYA is a movement philosophy inspired by Transcendentalism, Eastern Spirituality, Western Psychology and Healing Arts like Reiki, it is also a practice or -- more aptly -- a mind+body curriculum. ANYA is a living and breathing concept that is studied, honored and shared through the "AAUUMMM Curriculum." Studio ANYA is the learning lab for this pursuit. Equipped with all the necessary tools like Pilates Towers, Reformers and Chairs, Suspension Stretching Stations, Group Movement Room for ANYA classes, Spaces for Facilitated Stretching, Massage and Meditation and a Library for Self-Study, Studio ANYA is the nexus hub for the practice of applied neo-yogic awareness.

Studio Anya

49 West 24th St, 8th Floor

Manhattan, NY 10010

  • (212) 604-9766

New Student:
First week $35
Single Class:
Unlimited Month:
Special Offer:
3 private sessions in yoga/pilates $180 ($300 value). Free Meditation MWF, 8am.

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